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How to start mining Stark Chain via MyMining - step by step instructions:

Change your life with Stark Chain

Monthly Stark mining rewards In average is: 8-10%

  • Register an account with MyMining and verify your email address.
  • Buy Stark via:
  • Withdraw your Stark from whitebit and send them to your MyMining account (make sure to include the memo)
  • Once the Stark is in your MyMining account you will need to select the amount of Stark you would like to stake and add to the mining pool (minimum stake amount 0.25 stark), Stark Coin Staking Timeline is 365 Days, once that timeframe is over you may withdraw your initial stake or re-stake it again.
  • Your Stark mining will start as soon as 100 Stark has been collected in the Pool.
  • Once the amount of your staking rewards reaches at least 0.25 stark, it will be available for withdrawal or compounding.
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What is Stark Chain
with Mymining

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  • Marketing and Loyalty Platform on a BLOCKCHAIN Network. If you want to catch the future, you have to be in Blockchain.
  • After many cryptocurrencies, Blockchain has entered into individual usage areas. STARK CHAIN brings a lot of innovations such as individual production, ease of use, and easy integration into trade.
  • Decentralized mining, alphanumeric memo transmission, and the first step will be to evaluate the production of a cryptocurrency that uses Proof of Active (POA) consensus for the first time.
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STARK is an BEP-20 token with a unique algorithm and technical features on the BSC network and is designed as a completely decentralized application (Dapp). STARK has four very important features. Firstly, it is designed to be able to mine without any technical, software knowledge and skills by providing Proof of Active with an average PC or Virtual Server. The second is the MEMO feature, which eliminates the difficulties of commercial integration of crypto coins. Thirdly, it includes Reverse Halving and finally environment friendly Green Mining concept.

What is the minimum and maximum Stake Amount ?

While minimum 10 STARK is required for individual mining to start mining, can be started with 0.25 STARK on the MyMining platform.

Is there an Opportunity for Pool Mining for STARK ?

All licensed companies providing pool mining services can offer STARK CHAIN Mining services by integrating the STARK CHAIN Project into their systems. Currently, MYMINING actively provides pool mining services to the STARK CHAIN.

How is the reward distribution in STARK Mining ?

STARK CHAIN removes 128 STARK from Contract as a reward when a lucky block is found while mining, and this reward is automatically distributed to miners who provide evidence of activity as soon as the block is found, fairly according to the amount they stake.

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